Customer Data Platform

Powerfully simple Customer Data Platform

We make it simple to collect, organise, activate and analyse your customer data

Maximize your security

  • Unlock customer insights to drive sales growth

  • Serve relevant, personalized messages to individual customers
  • No programming or complex IT integrations required
  • Instantly scale to meet demand
  • Get started in your lunchtime with a free, instant account
Customer Data Platform

Discover immediate insights that drive growth

Serve smart and relevant messages to individual customers by unifying data across your organisation into one solution.

Connect your sources

Simple data onboarding from multiple sources. Easily transfer data from your website, mobile app or CRM.

Build audiences easily

Transform raw data into marketer-friendly dimensions using a drag and drop audience builder

Target your audiences

Easily sync Audiens with your channels and link your segments to your campaigns with a few clicks

Features Your Business Needs

Made by marketers for EVERYONE

Audiens gives the marketing team complete control of their customer knowledge, segmentation and targeting.

Self-provisioning SAAS activation

The latest cloud technologies ensure you can quickly launch and instantly scale to meet demand.

Delivers industry expertise

Our experience, people and technology ensures your team has access to the latest industry expertise.

alerts and email reports

Audiens pricing is so clear we list it on the website. Simply pay for what you use

Plug and Play technical integration

Unique modular architecture gives fast and simple integration, without a long or complex IT project.

True native partner integration

Only Audiens delivers full and direct connections with sources, marketing platforms and ad networks.

"We are seeing a growing demand for audience-based campaigns across all our clients"
Customer Data Platform
"We are very impressed by the quality of the users activated by Audiens"
Customer Data Platform